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How to Seduce Asian Girls

In the lewd dreams each of us ever represented sex with the foreigner. The language barrier, the difference of mentalities and racial differences add a pinch of excitement and the adventurer's spirit. The special passion of white men often wakes up to women of Asian appearance. It can be based on numerous animes where slender girls run in short skirts, and can be for some other reasons.

Actually, it is not so important, the most important in our subject - desire: "I want the Chinese woman!", "I want the Asian!". And now I will tell about how it is possible to catch attention of east beauty.

Why we love Asian girls

I will begin with the most important and, probably, not the most pleasant: in China it is much less women, than men and therefore they in great demand. The fact is that Chinese usually do not want to have children girls. Give the son and all here. It, naturally, led to the fact that 106-110 men are the share of each 100 women. Besides, parents of the girl make quite strict requirements to grooms, and many Chinese are forced to look for wives in villages where claims not so severe.

There is in it and a good point for us. Despite a large number of men, girls in China suffer from loneliness because of these highest requirements of parents. And it means that some of them have a ball, counter to traditions and ancestors. The European has good chances to win arrangement at the girl's relatives, a stereotype about what at white big bags with money exists still. However, there are options more simply.

We meet Asian girls during holidays

How to tempt the girl in her native land and at the same time not to spend a huge number time, proving serious intentions? It is very complex, though is real, however simpler option will be to get acquainted with the Asian on a travel. It is known that Asians prefer collective tourism with excursions. Usually their groups very noisy and closed. They are not inclined to communication with local community or tourists from other countries. The reasons are quite banal: unwillingness, ignorance of English and others.

Therefore, the best and simplest option to find the individual traveler from China. Yes, such is too, and they are very located to communication, take a word! I have several real examples of how the Russian guys successfully met Chinese women, and what Chinese women in a bed learned later.

You remember a ridiculous phrase from comedies: "Everything that happens in Vegas - remains in Vegas"? Absolutely the same is transferred to a travel. And for this reason, Asian women, as well as many other girls are inclined to have sex with the foreigner during visit of other countries.

How to behave with the Asian girl?

I will tell on real examples. The first story about the Russian guy who without knowing English got acquainted with the Chinese girl at the airport of one of the countries of Asia. For this purpose, it was rather simple to him to smile, laugh, often to look at her and to drivel in a broken English. Asian women love very much positive men, most of Chinese - severe hard workers who have no time for jokes. Therefore, Russian Ivan has big advantage.

And so, that guy from the airport just asked a bag for the girl allegedly to help her. And then called her to drink coffee. She at first laughed and did not want to go, but as the fellow had her bag, an exit was not. He took her by hand and led. Practically without understanding each other, they just laughed and held hands. And then went to a toilet together. That is the impudence and charisma perfectly work at girls from China.

The second story about the real traveler who did not have even money in a pocket. He played music on streets of Turkey and tried to earn to himself a living, than drew attention of the Asian tourist. Of course, it is quite exceptional case not obligatory to repeat an example of the fellow at all.

Having taken a walk with her in the evening, he learned that she wants to lose virginity with the foreigner because she was bothered by severity of relatives and the country in general. And some fetish can just - lose virginity with the foreigner. And any role did not even play that the guy lived in a tent - directly there he and deprived of her innocence and the happy girl flew back home.

So, from these stories it is visible how to tempt the Asian girl and that in it there is nothing possible:

  • Be ridiculous, cheerful and surprise with ridiculous tricks. Because of the general moods in China, girls quite alone also want fun;
  • Be more impudent, than usually and be not afraid of refusal;
  • Language barrier not a hindrance to drag the Asian girl in bed;
  • Many tourists from China are ready to be given and only a little attention from your party is necessary.

How Asian girls have a good time and what is important for them?

As shows experience of the guys meeting girls in China, they not really are able to have fun: instead are ready to be unsteady all day on shops, and to sit in bar in the evening, having buried in the smartphone. China the country which is strongly developed technologically and the people in the cities very we depend on electronic devices. It is important to know that local do not use the application popular in the majority of the countries of the world there and therefore it is better to download local applications for acquaintances and communication on the Internet.

  • Tantan is the application for acquaintances working by the same principle, as Tinder. Svaypay girls also get acquainted. Also, as well as in the rest of the world, in similar applications of the girl look for sex.
  • WeChat is an analog of WhatsApp. Surely it is required for communication in China.

Having these appendices on the smartphone at you, there is every chance to find and tempt the Chinese woman directly in China. The only problem here in knowledge of Chinese. But it should be understood, and in Europe rather few people speak English, and much more closed country and very many speak China only the native language.

Asian girls in bed

Mostly the Chinese girls in sex of "log". It can be not so rough, of course, but for you they will do nothing - only to lie and wait for team or your initiative. According to those someone long met Chinese women it is possible to tell for certain only one: they are well trained.

However, when it comes to single appointments, you should not wait from them for supersex. Here everything already depends on you and your abilities. Anyway, everything individually and it is possible to come across the skilled lady (the main thing to be protected).

Jaasmine Concludes

It is possible to supplement all aforesaid information with several points:

  • when on an appointment the Chinese woman constantly looks in the smartphone screen - it is absolutely normal and to her with you it is good;
  • treat them with any trifles, it perfectly works at all not necessarily to spend a lot of money;
  • treat the girl gently and it will melt her heart as easy as shelling pears, Chinese look at them, as at a thing;
  • old school acquaintances in clubs, in China work too and the European will have a huge advantage there.

And for the rest it is necessary to follow the usual rules of seducing. The mentality is anyway weaker than the female nature therefore there is nothing possible with Chinese women.