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How to communicate in a free chat rooms: General Rules

First of all, you have to realize that the online video chat has two parties of a medal. Here it is possible to meet as people who will win your heart, and absolutely ill-bred or inadequate interlocutors. The benefit it is possible to stop communication with the last at any time. What we also recommend to do not to spoil to ourselves mood. And if you have no experience of communication in a chat roulettes with girls yet, follow our advice:

Try to know the interlocutor better. The first impression is often deceptive. Can seem to you that before you that girl whom you looked for all life. But you should not immediately try to transfer communication to offline and to seek to build up quicker a romantic relationship. Ask the girl on her life, a hobby, interests. You find the general subjects, talk, know each other better. Can happen so that there will be nuances which will push away you. It is better if it happens in the Internet, but not in real life.

Respect others opinion. Video chats - not the place for disputes and aggressive upholding of the position on any given question. Leave discussion of policy, a social relationship for other case. Certainly, it is possible to discuss any subjects, but to impose the opinion - sign of bad form. And in general, try to show attention to the interlocutor, but not "to draw a blanket on itself".

Control own humor. Girls love cheerful guys, but it does not mean that it is necessary to joke after each offer. First, be not sure that your jokes in this situation ridiculous. And secondly, the excessive humor can give in you absolutely frivolous person. Also, you do not joke, as they say, "lower than a belt". Observe a decency framework.

Do not reproach the interlocutor at all. Even in trifles! You remember, the person comes to a web a chat not in order that pointed out to him some defects. If you do not like the interlocutor, just switch to following.

Think over subjects in advance. If you have no skills of spontaneous communication, better even prior to dialogue think over about what you will speak. Try to avoid the beaten subjects and do not try to learn as soon as possible, then the interlocutor is interested. By the way, many websites video chats allow to specify interests on which the system will connect you to other users. It significantly simplifies search of the general subjects. Do not forget about the general rules of communication in a video chat:

  • respect for the norms and recommendations specified on the used platform;
  • ban on promotion of terrorism, violence, drugs;
  • restriction for use of offensive language.

On the majority of popular platforms these rules are taken out in the separate section. For their non-compliance you can quite be blocked. Therefore, we recommend to get acquainted with them. Popular JasmineLive, Omegle, Chatroulette, CooMeet and Chatspin quite carefully watch it.