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More and more this expression becomes available on live cams, but that it means and how to write him it is correct separately and within other words - we will tell you in our short guide. Very often in oral speech and the combination "VIP-person" occurs in texts. And even "most important VIP-person". And still here and there we see the VIP-hall, the VIP-invitation, a VIP-table, the VIP-order, VIP-service etc.

Let's begin with the fact that the VIP is a reduction from the English expression of very important person. It turns out that the VIP-person is "very important person". Classical pleonasm!

Strictly speaking, about such person if to you so unbearable without foreign-language abbreviations, it is possible to tell: this is the VIP. We lower the word "person". The option is possible: VIP. Capital letters and too without the word "person".

And here with words the hall, places, service and other the abbreviation the VIP is quite usable: VIP-chat, VIP-table, VIP-service, VIP-Show.

We think that you should know what VIP means before entering cam shows for such persons. Jasmine and her girls know how to treat gentlemans in VIP shows!